Manpower Secondment

Manpower Secondment

Sunlloyd’ can provide proven technical resources for engineer, design and construction personnel various projects for its customers globally for both Greenfield and Brownfield environments. Competent Technical manpower is provided from its Headquarters in India or from Associate offices, or a combination of both.

Sunlloyd ’works closely with its customers to establish project teams with the most appropriate blend of skills and experience to deliver world class services such as support

Sunlloyd’ is committed to serve its clients with best results by sourcing, screening and qualifying the best international or local talent.

Sunlloyd’ provides personnel, which often prove to be the cost-effective way of handling a fluctuating workload or to address skill shortages. Working with Sunlloyd’ results in a simplified recruitment process for its clients.

Sunlloyd’sbelief is that it can find the right professionals from anywhere in the world and thus its operations are truly global. Thus Sunlloyd’ will build long term relationships with Clients / Candidates to meet their requirements in a constantly changing and demanding global environment.

We support our clients for their deputation of Design Engineers, Designers, Construction Management Personnel’s (Construction Managers, Project Engineers, Site Engineers, HSE Officers etc.,), Inspection & Welding Engineers and Construction Support Personnel’s.

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