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Front End Engineering and Design (FEED)

SUNLLOYD provides integrated solutions to Clients to manage their internal business drivers, using the multi-disciplinary proficiency gained from providing Front-End Engineering And Design (FEED) services to various Clients in oil and gas industry. Through FEED, we extend our broader support in the following modes

SUNLLOYD Provides FEED & Process Engineering Services, including but not limited to:

  • PFDs
  • P&IDs
  • Process and Mechanical Data Sheets
  • Preliminary Sizing and Calculations
  • Plot Plans and Layouts
  • Preparation of Design Basis and Specification
  • Process Simulation
  • HAZOP/HAZID/HSE and SIL Studies
  • Fire Water Network Studies

Detailed Engineering & Design

Sunlloyd’ core competencies in the Engineering and Design market have been driven by its capability and capacity to scale up and execute multi-discipline detailed engineering and design projects.

Process Engineering

  • Preparation / Updation of P&IDs (CAD as well as Intelligent)
  • Review of Process information and conformation on the adequacy of the facilities envisaged
  • Updating the Process package for further Engineering
  • Safety and Loss Prevention Engineering
  • Thermal Design for Equipments

Mechanical Equipment (Static, Rotating and Package)

  • Mechanical Specifications & Philosophy
  • Mechanical Datasheets (Static, Rotary & Packages)
  • Mechanical Design of Pressure Vessels & Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers using PVElite
  • Material Handling Study
  • Procurement Assistance: Requisition for Quotation/Technical Bid Evaluation/Purchase requisition/Vendor Document Review
  • Pre-Engineering Site Survey and Post Construction Site Survey
  • Site Support: Fabrication Engineering,Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning.
  • As Built Engineering

Piping Engineering

  • Piping Design Basis and philosophy
  • Piping wall thickness calculations & Report (PMS)
  • Valve material specifications (VMS)
  • Speciality Item data sheet preparations (SP)
  • Equipment layout / Tank farm Layout / Plot Plan Developments
  • Safety & Escape route layouts
  • Equipment Nozzle Orientation drawings
  • 3D Modeling using PDMS/PDS
  • Piping Design isometrics / Fab Spool isometric generations
  • Stress Analysis & Report generation
  • Piping Bulk Material Take OFF
  • Piping GAD's/Section/Elevation drawings
  • Pipe support standards / Special supports
  • Pipe support Fabrication detail drawings
  • Pipe support Plans
  • Area Split study for Module lifts
  • Procurement Assistance: Requisition for Quotation/Technical Bid Evaluation/ Purchase Requisition/ Vendor Document Review
  • Pre- Engineering, Pre- Installation and Post-Installation survey
  • Site Support: Fabrication Engineering-Commissioning and Commissioning.
  • As Built Drawing


  • Field Layout
  • Alignment Drawings for Rigid / Flexible
  • Riser Location and Assembly Drawings
  • Approach and Departure Drawings
  • Anode Arrangement Drawings
  • Crossing Drawings
  • Tie-in Spool Drawings
  • Detailed Drawing of Tie-in Arrangement at PLEM Location
  • Strapping Arrangement Details for Subsea Umbilical

Civil and Structural

  • General Layout Drawings
  • Foundation Design
  • Structural Design Calculations
  • Bar Bending Schedule
  • Underground / General Civil
  • RCC and Steel Analysis & Design
  • Connections Details
  • Civil & Structural Detailed Drawings

Electricals Engineering

  • Load List
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Electrical Layouts
  • Specifications – Electrical Equipment
  • Transformer Sizing
  • Substation Engineering
  • Lighting / Earthing / Lightning / Grounding Calculation
  • Short Circuit Calculations
  • Voltage Drop & Cable Sizing
  • Cable Schedule
  • Cable Tray Layouts
  • System Studies

Instrumentation and Telecommunication Engineering

  • Instrumentation Design Basis
  • Specifications for Field Instruments and Control Systems (DCS, ESD & FGS) and Telecommunication Equipment’s
  • Datasheets for Field Instruments and F&G Detectors
  • Instrument Sizing Calculations
  • Instrument Index and IO List
  • HAZOP & SIL study Participation
  • 3D Modeling using PDMS/PDS
  • Instrument, Junction Box Location and Cable Tray Layout
  • Fire and Gas Detector, ESD, FSD Stations and Fusible Plugs Layout
  • Telecommunication Block Diagram and Layouts
  • Junction Box Wiring Diagram
  • Loop Wiring Diagram
  • Interconnection Diagram
  • Cable & Junction Box Schedule
  • Installation & Hook-up diagrams
  • Instrument Cable Block Diagram
  • Instrument Control Narratives
  • Level Setting Diagram
  • MCT Arrangement Drawing
  • Control Room Layout
  • Bulk MTO for Instrument and Telecommunication
  • FAT / SAT Participation
  • Procurement Assistance: Requisition for Quotation/Technical Bid Evaluation/Purchase requisition/Vendor Document Review
  • Pre-Engineering Site Survey and Post Construction Site Survey
  • Site Support: Fabrication Engineering, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning.
  • As Built Drawings


  • Review of Pre-Engineering Route Survey and Jacket Survey Reports
  • Design Basis - Pipelines and Risers / I/J-Tubes
  • Pipeline Wall thickness Calculations
  • Pipeline Lateral Stability Design
  • Pipeline Vertical Stability Design
  • Pipeline Flow Analysis
  • Pipeline Cathodic Protection Calculations - Sacrificial Anodes
  • Pipeline Expansion Analysis
  • Pipeline Span Analysis
  • Riser Clamp Design
  • Pipeline Tie-in Analysis
  • Pipeline Shore Pull Analysis
  • Pipeline Crossing Analysis
  • Tie-in Spool Anlaysis at PLEM including PLEM Piping
  • Stress Analysis for Lateral and Subsea Tie-in
  • Hydraulic Steady State Analysis


  • Bulk Material Take OFF


  • Procurement Assistance: Requisition for Quotation/Technical Bid Evaluation/ Purchase Requisition/ Vendor Document Review


SUNLIGHT render Computer Aided Design Services to clients across globe that need seamless drawing preparation and 3D Modelling services using Intelligent tools.

SUNLIGHT provide a diversified multi-software environment and utilize different types of Drafting & Data Conversion techniques to meet the specific needs of clients.

  • Modelling of Equipment’s, Piping, Structural, Electricals, Instruments and supports
  • Development of Non-Intelligent and Intelligent As-Built 3D models
  • Generation of Walkthroughs and Visualization
  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Nozzle orientation and Platform Drawings
  • Isometrics
  • Support Drawings
  • MTO
  • Line and Instrument list
  • Visualization and Design Review
  • Generating Design Review file
  • Generating Walk-Through
  • Clash Checks
  • Model Reviews (30%, 60% & 90%)
  • Analysis of Design Review Comments
  • Preparation of 2D Drawing
  • Conversion of hard copy to electronic format
  • Conversion of Intelligent Drawings
  • Generation of Database
  • Preparation of Fabrication / Construction Drawings
  • Site Survey - Gathering & Analysis of Data
  • Generation of Mark-ups
  • Updation of Drawings / As-Built Records

Project Management

  • Preparation of project execution plan
  • Developing an overall schedule of the project (L1 to L3 / Macro).
  • Identifying the critical path for the project.
  • Tracking the schedule to estimate the Lead / Lag time and project completion date.
  • Preparing PMS (Progress Measurement System) for the project.
  • Preparing progress report and S curves for monitoring the status of project.
  • Preparing Manpower Histogram for monitoring the status of project.
  • Following up with the Execution team for module fabrication and vendors for equipment / packages fabrication completion status and progress.
  • Following with the Vendors for the timely deliverable.
  • Maintaining the project related documents status.
  • Coordinate among various engineering disciplines.
  • Preparation and updating of Master Deliverables Register. Tracking the progress and facilitate and support to complete the activities as per schedule.
  • Maintaining and follow-up for engineering hold-up lists.
  • Coordinate for Project Review meetings and maintain MOMs and follow-up to complete action items.
  • Maintain Design Change Notes.

Construction Management

SUNLIGHT has a dedicated team of well-trained construction and equipment erection supervisors with proven experience in Construction / Erection management and Pre-commissioning. Technicians can be deputed to customer sites for construction, supervision and erection support services for project execution where client’s execution strategy warrants this approach. These teams are trained to be compliant to client HSE requirements.

We offer:

  • Dedicated team of well-trained construction and equipment erection supervisors
  • Construction and erection assistance services
  • Construction / Erection management
  • Pre-commissioning assistance services.
  • Commissioning & Start-up assistance.
  • Safety and project supervision assignments, etc.

Current business operations managed by discipline specialists in Process, instrumentation, Mechanical, Piping, Pipeline, Rotating Equipment, Civil-Structural, Electrical, HSE and Reliability employing around 50 people globally.

With its multi-dimensional expertise, best design practices using innovative technologies supported by high quality and internationally experienced professionals managing the business aimed to increase production and cost efficiency and in compliance to HSE standards have made SUNLIGHT a renowned name in the field of Engineering Services Globally.



  • Bin Umr Crossover PIPELINE WORKS- Civil, Piping & Electrical Design Scope
  • Fadhili Gas Plant - Sulfur Recovery Facilities, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • ROO Rumaila Project
  • Replacement of Stream 291,Janubia to Markazia Pipeline -18
  • Dangote Refinery and Petrochemical Project – JNK Heater Co. Ltd., Korea


  • Basra Gas Company (BGC -IRAQ); Contractor: AKT oil services
  • L&T – Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited, Kattupalli – CHENNAI
  • Petrofac International Limited, Sharjaj ,UAE
  • Doosan Power Systems India Pvt Ltd.,Chennai.
  • Petrofac Engineering Services India Private Limited- Chennai
  • Basra Gas Company (BGC -IRAQ) ; Contractor : AKT oil services
  • L&T – Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited, Kattupalli – CHENNA

Quality and HSSE management

Quality Policy

Through continuous improvement by all departments, SUNLIGHT is committed to the empowerment of our people to deliver quality project execution in the oil and gas industry. Our combination of experience, engineering expertise, and enthusiasm ensure that our work and the client experience are never compromised.

Engineering Design Safety

Safety is considered to be one of the most important factors in the success of our work. SUNLIGHT strives to provide safe designs through numerous assessments such as HAZID, HAZOP, LOPA, SIL and 3D model design reviews.

Safety Management System

The SUNLIGHT Safety Management System ensures we are able to meet or exceed all aspects of regulatory compliance, industry requirements and best practice standards.

Project Assurance

Project and technical assurance will be achieved by adhering to the principles of ‘Discipline Controls and Assurance Framework’ (DCAF) shall be applicable for Project delivery to ensure that quality control and quality assurance is maintained across all aspects of the Project.

Software Expertise

SUNLIGHT has experience and expertise in executing projects with the following industry standard Engineering Design software, including but not limited to:

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